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Artist : Bruce F. Singer

Album: Mysterious Journey

Genre : Instrumental

Credits : Mastering

"Jonas has been my “go to” person for mastering my music for several years. His ability to work in different genres and with complex multi-layered compositions to bring forth not just the volume today’s platforms require but the warmth, subtleties, and dynamics, makes him a master at his work. Plus, he is a pleasure to collaborate with, creative, and detail-oriented. He produces results that match my intentions and I can’t thank him enough!"


- Bruce F. Singer (Monroe Strongback).


"Jonas really knows his stuff. He's a killer dude and he makes records sound absolutely massive."


-E.D. Owens, Architecture Aviva

Artist : Architechture Aviva

Album :

Genre: Progressive Rock

Credits : Mixing + Mastering

Little Consequence Cover.jpg

Artist: Yutzy

Album: Little Consequences

Genre: Pop

Credits : Mastering


"Jonas is easy-going, responsive, and incredibly helpful. He did a fantastic job of explaining mastering concepts and answering any questions I had during the process. Jonas was accommodating and understanding when receiving feedback and really made me feel like he understood the sound I was going for. His work speaks for itself, I am very excited to work with him again in the future!"


- Scott Yutzy


Artist : Hieros

Album : Triduum

Genre : Black Metal

Credits : Mixing + Mastering

"Jonas shows a high level of musical understanding, which means he's a joy to collaborate with. Rest assured that he will take your ideas into account and implement them in ways that can be absolutely mind-blowing. He's extremely helpful throughout the whole process and is really just a top-rate artist."

- Patrick Kern (Hieros)